So Pappy Season Is In Full Swing…

Pappy Van Winkle Full Swing

Ok so we are here...

...meaning "Pappy Season" is in full swing. People are camping out in KY, AL, and other locales just to sight and maybe even get or taste a bottle of the GOOD STUFF.

But you know what there is this really good guy down or over in Louisville, KY that is (or was) selling Pappy at cost. Last year, he offered it up in jello shots (sacrilege to us purists), but this year in addition to watching it jiggle, he is also selling it at cost. Good guy. Marketing genius. Just plain stupid? Depends on who you ask.

But I say Hurrah! The world needs a little more Pappy at cost.

Went into my local place today and asked if the Pappy was on the way. He wasn't sure, but he did have a shipment of 7-year Weller (hard to come by in these parts), so I bought two. He reminisced about years ago (probably 10) when Pappy came in bottles just like Weller.

I asked when did Pappy just get crazy? He opined it was 5 or so years ago (which is about the time I got in the game).

So anyway the main reason I am writing this meandering post is to tell you about a few things and share a few links.

  1. If you hurry and live near Louisville, KY you might be able to get Pappy at cost.
  2. 2 Tales of "Pappy Camping"
  3. And a BLAST from the PAST (just incase you forgot some dudes stole Pappy last year)

So good luck Pappy Hunters. Here's hoping you have knocked on wood, karmaed, or whatever else you do to put luck in your favor in order to get some Pappy this year. Apparently, there is less out there and more of those despicable types who buy it to sell, instead of sip. DAMN THEM!

I've got a bottle of 12 in the cabinet and if, and when, I get the call for a new one I will pop it open and sip, sip, sip.

Here's hoping the call comes soon.

Cheers and hope you get to crack open a bottle of Pappy this year.



4 thoughts on “So Pappy Season Is In Full Swing…”

  1. Nice! I know that there is basically no way for me to get it in San Antonio. All the liquor stores fall in one of two categories: (1) put your name on a list or (2) there’s no list (and they say all people who have a list are liars who are just selling it to their top clients) and you just have to show up and get lucky, however, they tell you it is basically impossible and every time you ask they give you a lecture about how you’re not going to find it and it is over hyped anyway.

    So like I said, I know that I am not going to get it and have basically given up trying 🙁 But who knows, maybe someday…

    1. Moviegoer
      The Last Gentleman
      But Probably
      Love in Ruins Early Times and he has a great essay on bourbon as well

  2. Nice post, Chris. I was able to get on a list and for the second year in a row I lucked out and was able to score a bottle of Van Winkle. Last year I got the PVW 15 and this year I got the 12. I don’t re-sale, I drink my Pappy! My 15 left in about a month but I’m being a bit more reserved with my 12. And I may be in the minority but truthfully, I like the 12 more than the 15. It’s a stellar bourbon, but it’s a shame the frenzy has made it so more people won’t have the opportunity to even try it let alone buy a bottle of their own. The way I see it, unless each sip restores a year of youth no bourbon is worth this madness. LOL! Good luck to those still on the hunt.

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