“Pappy” Time Is Almost Here (Is Here)

Rolling the Dice for Pappy Van Winkle

Ready to roll the dice and see if you're lucky enough to get a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle?

(Updated November 19)

"So far 32 states have reported receiving Pappy. Let me know if any more can be added to the list. Enjoy the Chase!"


North Dakota : Arrived 10-23
Virginia: Arrived 10-24
Maryland: Arrived 10-24
Illinois: (Southern) - 10-30
North Carolina: 10-28
Wisconsin: (Madison) 10-29
Texas: 11-1
Indiana: 11-1
South Carolina: 11-3
Kentucky: 11-4
Arkansas: 11-4
Kansas: 11-4
Tennessee: 11-5
Arizona: 11-5
Washington DC: 11-6
Delaware: 11-7
Michigan: 11-10
Rhode Island: 11-10
New Hampshire: 11-11
Illinois (Chicago): 11-12
Maine: 11-12
Alabama: 11-13
Georgia (Macon Only)
South Dakota: 11-13
New Jersey: 11-13
Missouri: 11-14
Massachusetts: 11-14
Colorado: 11-15
Oregon: 11-15
Nebraska: 11-17
Minnesota: 11-19
Vermont: 11-19


Well, it’s almost time. October. College football is in full swing --especially in the SEC -- with all eyes on Mississippi, of all places, with two big games this weekend.

Many bourbon lovers also had their eyes on October 1 -- which according to Old Rip Van Winkle’s Facebook site -- is when wholesalers got there allotment numbers from Old Rip Van Winkle. So expect the best bourbon in the world, Pappy Van Winkle, to appear near you some time between now and the end of the year.

Sign up here and I’ll keep you posted on how it is rolling through the land.


Trying to Find Some Pappy Van Winkle

I recently called a local liquor store and they said they were expecting about 12 bottles, but Lukas Liquor Superstore in St. Louis said sources indicated this year’s fall release might be one of the smallest ever  – down 30-40% from other years.

Let’s hope this is just a rumor  – or many Pappy chasers may end up crapping out in 2014.

So What Can You Do Between Now And Then To Get Some?

If you’re not already on a list you should call or email your favorite liquor store ASAP. If you do a lot of business with them, even better, as most look out for their best customers.

If the store uses a waiting list you're probably way too late, but some may still be offering slots for a lottery or "first come, first serve."  For example, Lukas offers 200 tickets, but they have already stopped distributing them. You can probably find a few open lottery spots somewhere near you if you start calling now.

Here's an email I got from a place in Atlanta, GA:

Thank you for contacting us on the Green's website. We will give a 24 hour notice of the release on FB and Twitter. It will be first come, first serve, and one per customer. Please note Pappy is VERY limited and sells out quickly. Last year people started to line up at 2:30AM.
Good luck!

Green's Beverages
737 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Atl., GA 30306

If you're nearby, go buy a comfortable chair and flask of something a little easier to find for the all-nighter.

Other Pappy Adventures

I also made a few calls last week and found one place that put me on their list for a lottery. I was only number 21. But, at a few more, I didn’t even bother as their list was already at 80 or so and they just worked straight down the list.

I also contacted a few stores -- outside my city -- that said their Pappy was reserved for their best clients  -- and didn’t even offer a list or lottery.

Here’s How the Release Ought To Go  – But You Never Know

Here's a tentative release schedule put together by Blake at Bourbonr.com. (You can sign up and get a password for his release tracker map. Just tell him I sent you and maybe he’ll send me a bottle of bourbon.) It’s based on last year’s distribution, but should be a fairly accurate estimate of this year’s release.


  • New York , California, Washington : 19 days
  • Connecticut: 3 days
  • Ohio, Georgia (the rest of it) and Florida: 6 days
  • Pennsylvania: 5 days
  • Iowa: Anytime
  • Louisiana : Anytime
  • Nevada: Anytime

Well, here’s wishing you great luck as you pursue Pappy, the best bourbon in the world. If you get some come back and share your story -- or even better send me a bottle.


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    1. Based on last year should be around first or second week of November. That’s the best I can offer. Please share if you find out a more precise date. Thanks and good luck.

    1. Yes, fortunately there’s a lot of good alternatives. Not ready to go to the aftermarket — yet! But, if I come up short this year who knows, I may be visiting your site.

  1. Hi guys
    Any chance gettung PVW in France ?? The Best Bourbon ever !!
    better than French Wine !!

      1. That’s a shame… I’ll still drink my Blanton’s (Gold or the 136 proof, or my Elijah Craig 18 until i can find some…

  2. Mitchell Kade (@kade6767)

    I was lucky enough to have won a lottery this week from my liquor store I shop at. I was given the opportunity to purchase pappy and WL Weller and it will be delivered to my store Monday for me to pay and pick up. Of course, I am so freaking excited!!!!

  3. Was called this morning by NC ABC and was able to purchase my bottle of Family Reserve 20 year for $149. The 23 year was $249. (only 1 bottle) I was the 2nd to last person called in my county so I had the choice of 20 or 12 year bottles.

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