First Pappy Van Winkle Sighting – North Dakota

            Bourbonr.com reports Pappy has finally appeared in North Dakota “North Dakota becomes the first state to receive Pappy…I’d expect several other states to release over the next 4-5 days” – Blake @bourbonr.com Check out Pappy Release Map Also interesting discussion on Pappy and Florida on Old Rip Van Winkle … Read more

When You Can Find (Maybe) a Taste of Pappy Van Winkle – 2014

Summer’s here — at least in Savannah, GA — and the living is easy. But, it’s already hot and humid as hell.  And speaking of what’s hot, many bourbon lovers and Pappy Van Winkle chasers are starting to ask when they can at least try to get their hands (and lips) on the best bourbon in the … Read more