Bourbon Beats Canadian Whiskey – Bourbon Dispatches, Issue 4

Truth be told, I don't drink much, if any Canadian Whisky. But when someone sends you a text and says, "I got two bottles of it and can't drink it any more, do you want it." I usually say yes.

So long story short. I am taking a nap, but the no-longer Canadian Whisky drinker brings it by and leaves it on the porch. I did not hear theĀ knocking. So I wake up and have two almost full bottles of Candian Club sitting on my front porch. And in its own way that's kind of nice. You know the whiskey gods making a delvery of FREE whiskey while you're sleeping.

Anyway, it had been awhile so I took a quick taste. Poured it in a shot glass and was not too impressed. It was a little too pale for my liking. I am a Bourbon drinker and 90+ proof if possible. I like it kind of dark.

So anyway, I thought of Don Draper ordering Old Fashions when Canadian Whisky was all the rage. I love me some Mad Men. In fact, here's a little piece I wrote years ago about the "Draper Effect."

Now anyway, back to Candian Whisky which I poured over ice for a day or two because it just didn't look strong enough to drink straight. At the same time, I had started to watch Deadwood. If you haven't seen it (it's from 2004) you should. Particulary if you like to drink shots and cuss. They drink shots and cuss alot, but it's also a helluva story.

So after about two days of iced Canadian Whiskey, I just got fed up and pulled out a bottle of 1792 and drank it neat. It was flat out earth-shattering and reminded me why Bourbon is just tremendous. It explodes in your mouth, full of flavors and eccentricities that Canadian just doesn't have. (And we are talking about a $25 Bourbon.)

Now If I had to choose a cocktail which I don't drink much (preferring neat or on the rocks Bourbon instead) I'd take the Manhattan. Now why is likely due to my dad. He used to order them when I was a kid in a darkish bar or restaurant. He would say "I'd like a BlackJack Manhattan" (meaning a Manhattan made with Jack Daniels). But it sounded like a pirate drink to me.

So anyway, I'll save the Canadian Club for the cocktail occasions and the Bourbon for drinking straight!

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