What A Week: Bourbon, Gurley and Hotty Toddy

Okay this week has been a tough one. You see I live in Georgia and went to the University of Georgia. The news that my beloved Dawgs had lost the best player in the nation, Todd Gurley, to an autograph scam was a little hard to swallow.

 Finding Weller 7 Year

W.L. Weller 7 Year

Nothing a few stiff drinks from a bottle of Weller 7-yr couldn't fix, but nevertheless a bummer all around. I was happy to find Weller on the shelves at my local place today.  It has been hit or miss the last few months. Sometimes it's there and sometimes not. Weller 12 -- forget about it!

Way to Go Mississippi

Well, anyway, congrats to Wright Thompson and the U of Faulkner for their great victory over Bear's boys. I'm sure if he had a bottle of Pappy squirreled away somewhere he  took a big swig or three from it.

Hotty Toddy Go Ole Miss

My mom grew up in Mississippi and I have a cousin who went to Ole Miss. Truth is I always root for them unless they're playing Georgia. Also, if you've never seen ESPN's documentary, The House of Manning, do   -- it's fantastic.

Congrats to Mississippi State on a big win as well. Here's hoping they beat Auburn. I hate* Auburn. If you're an Auburn fan, relax, we still have one thing in common -- and that's the love of good bourbon.

Okay Let's Talk Bourbon

So let's leave the gridiron behind and talk bourbon. I actually got an email from a "Pappy" chaser this week saying they were exuberant about winning the Pappy lottery -- Congrats and enjoy your bottle!

So I am not going to talk Pappy this week, but instead I wanted to share a few cool things that came across on my email and Twitter feed this week.

Bourbon Stuff Worth Paying Attention To

First, a very enjoyable video on the art of sippin' bourbon provided by Fred Noe of Jim Beam and  Morgan Murphy of all things bacon. It's a quick view so check it out.

Fred Noe - Jim Beam
Click the image to view the video

Wild Turkey 101

Secondly, last week I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey 101. I haven't had it in a year or so, but I flat out loved it's bold taste.

Don't get me wrong, I love the smoothness of a wheated bourbon, but sometimes you just need a punch in the face! WT 101 with a dab of water will do just that. Very good stuff and a nice segue into a well-done interview by Jimmy Russell, the Master Distiller at WT.

You can read the interview here. 

Pappy Says Goodbye to France

Speaking of that, I got an email from a guy in France, Gregory. He said Pappy was better than French Wine -- now if you believe in global warming that is a sure sign it is true. The French warming to Good Ole Bourbon. I love it!

Unfortunately, I also saw on Old Rip's Facebook feed that they were having a problem with the French distributor and had redirected all the France allotment to the U.S. Good for us, but not for the French.

Sorry Gregory.

New Additions to the Pappy List

Last, but not least, I have added a few destinations to the Pappy List. If you don't know what it is check it out here:

Pappy Van Winkle 20 Year
Check out the Pappy List. Maybe not a bottle, but at least a POUR.









It lists the places you can go to get a pour (but not a bottle) of the Pappy Juice.  I know there are sophisticated apps and stuff that track all this stuff, but this list is strictly limited to places recommended or brought to my attention by readers of the blog.

Not sure, they all still have it, but hopefully they will get an infusion with the Fall release.

Thanks UK

Have a great weekend. And even though I failed to mention it earlier, the land of Bourbon, Kentucky, may have a pretty good football team this year. Thanks for beating the Gamecocks. I hate the Gamecocks and Spurrier too, but love all bourbon lovers on that side of the aisle.


* I use the term hate very loosely and apply it only to the football field. I love all fans, especially if they drink bourbon!