Thirsty (No Pappy Van Winkle in 2013)

This year I came up short. After two very good years — beginner’s luck, I guess — I didn’t score any Pappy Van Winkle in 2013. Maybe my bottle was in one of the 65 cases stolen in October. October’s always been a weird month. I used to work for a company that analyzed the stock … Read moreThirsty (No Pappy Van Winkle in 2013)

The Best Bourbon You May Never Taste – Pappy Van Winkle

A Bourbon as “Scarce as Mermaids” Thanks to @BourbonBanter for bringing this article to my attention. And as @CLTBourbonClub told me via Twitter. “Pappy’s #bourbon is about as scarce in these parts as mermaids.” Oh well, I guess I will have to be happy with my one bottle a year. Give them both a follow if you haven’t already. Read the … Read moreThe Best Bourbon You May Never Taste – Pappy Van Winkle

Walker Percy – Writer and Bourbon Lover

Walker Percy

“What does a man live for but to have a girl, use his mind, practice his trade, drink a drink, read a book, and watch the martins wing it for the Amazon and the three-fingered sassafras turn red in October? Art Immelmann is right. Man is not made for suffering, night sweats, and morning terrors.”
― Walker PercyLove in the Ruins

Pappy Van Winkle Virgin Tries 20 Year

I had my first taste of Pappy Van Winkle 20 year in 2012, at the ripe old age of 44. Christmas Eve to be exact. It was smooth, rich and delicious as expected. I even gave a taste to my wife, a wine drinker. She drank it neat and loved it. After a relaxing day (the first Christmas … Read morePappy Van Winkle Virgin Tries 20 Year

Winning the Pappy Van Winkle Lottery

I received the news about an hour after the Pappy Van Winkle’s bottles arrived at my local liquor store. It was a day or two before Thanksgiving. The email said the PVW was here and did I want 15 or 20 year? I thought for a moment and then called back as fast as I … Read moreWinning the Pappy Van Winkle Lottery