Yes, Real Bourbon Lovers Do Find Pappy Van Winkle


If you've never succeeded in your quest for the so-called Bourbon unicorn, Pappy Van Winkle, you may be tempted to believe that it's all just a dream.

So to debunk the myth that no "real person" ever finds Pappy Van Winkle and to encourage you to keep on with your quest, here are a few "Pappy Stories" --- real-life tales of people finding the barrel of bourbon buried at the end of the proverbial rainbow.

I share them verbatim, except for a few minor edits misspelled words, etc. Enjoy.

Pappy Story #1 (from the Facebook feed)

A Guy Named "Tex" Walks Into a Bar in London, Finds
Pappy Van Winkle, and Buys It (Partially Drained)
from the Bartender

No really a guy named "Tex" finds Pappy in a Bar in London and buys a half full bottle off the bartender.

Pappy Story 2

Dan Levey Scores Big in La Jolla

I already had two bottles of Pappy. I have Pappy 15 and Pappy 20. Yesterday, I went into a liquor store and found Old Rip Van Winkle, Pappy Family Reserve,Pappy 15, Pappy 20, and Pappy 23. I ended up buying the whole set. It was a lot of money, but I know it's worth it. It's an investment.

The Whole Line of Pappy Van Winkle in One Fell Swoop

Pappy Story 3

Bob Shares Pappy with Store Owner

I started my quest for pappy 2 years ago after being retired for a year to have something to do.  Was able to come up with 2 12's and a 15 my first year just a little above cost.

Early on the next year I became friends with a local store owner who was able to get me 10 and a 20.  Needless to say my quest was almost over or so I thought.  The elusive 23.

Later on in the year my friend called up said he had the 23 so I rushed down to pick it up.  I have tried the 10, 15 and the 20 when the patriots won the super bowl with my grandson.

Each time I share it with my friend at the store because he has never tasted it before, he is very grateful.  I am also very grateful because unlike the big chain stores he is much more reasonable with his prices than they are.

So far the 20 is far superior to any I've had.

Pappy Story 4

Steve from NJ Finds Pappy Van Winkle "Out of the Blue"

I pounded the best, visiting about twenty different stores prior to Thanksgiving, and called about thirty more to no avail, searching for a bottle of pappy. Then out of the blue, I walked into a mainstream place and looked up and saw a bottle of 23-yr Family Reserve above the shelf behind the counter and was floored.

I asked to see it and the manager seemed a bit awkward as I stood there just gazing at the bottle for about three minutes. He said that was the one and only bottle , that they recieved for the season , despite the volume of liquor sales the place did , and I grabbed it up for the $399 price tag.

Every where else I checked prior was the same word for word mantra: "we only get three bottles a season and in and out the door in under ten minutes. If you are lucky enough to be here when the truck arrives with it, your gonna pay over a grand a bottle if you can even find it."

The few places that had waiting lists gouged you pretty good at $950 for the 23 and $700 for the 20 and $450 for the 15.

I don't plan to open it until I can find another to keep in its place as is the common reply I get from other whiskey guys I know. Hopefully I will be able to score another again this year.

Thanks and good luck in your own search for a bottle of Pappy.



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