Bourbon, Football and Trump – Bourbon Dispatches – Issue 7

My beloved (and consistently loserish) Atlanta Falcons made it to the Super Bowl this week so I thought I would talk a little Football and Bourbon, with a smattering of the new President thrown in.

All three "hot" subjects were recently covered in in this article on former Ravens standout Ray Lewis. Yes, everyone is getting in the Bourbon game.


Now I could say something snarky, (like what the hell is Trump going to do with a bottle of bourbon? He doesn't drink right?) but I won't and here's why:

It won't be a profit-driven enterprise. Instead, only 100 bottles will be produced for charity.

The proceeds from their sale will go to the Time to Shine Scholarship & Internship Program for Women, which helps high-school aged women pursue educational and professional opportunities.

Ok. That is kinda cool. Bourbon "helps high-school aged women pursue educational and professional opportunities."

Sounds great to me. And "Lewis intends to give the first two bottles away as gifts to incoming president Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence."


“I have been thoroughly impressed with president-elect Trump and his desire to help inner city kids and provide better education opportunities for women,” Lewis said.

The bourbon will go on sale starting February 15.

Now whether or not you like/agree with Trump or Lewis --- what the Hell let's give them a chance and see what happens.

If they F*** it up there's always Bourbon.

Chris Brantley

Stumbled across bourbon via Walker Percy. Like to read, write and drink bourbon. Also, I enjoy living on the coast, grilling steaks, eating seafood and listening to good music. Great song on Spotify, fine bourbon in the glass, and something interesting to think about = BLISS.