Bourbon Dispatches – Issue 5 – Beam Backtracks on Booker

First it was a hundred, now it's $75.

But I still bought me a bottle of Booker's for $50 last week --- just in case.

Anyway, kind of reminds me of Maker's. They were going to dumb down the proof a bit, but public outcry kept it at 90 and that's a good thing.

Bourbon is hot and from time to time these big-time liquor companies get a little greedy. They want to CAPITALIZE on it. But, we the people speak and well, they make a few concessions.

So keep drinking the good brown stuff and when these big old distilleries try and overreach let's just remind them that it is us. The end users, the ones that buy it off the shelf are the ones they should be listening to. Not stockholders.

Booker's at $75 acceptable. Booker's at $100 gouging. What a difference $25 makes.


Beam Suntory Changes Plans for Booker’s Bourbon Price Hike