Bourbon Dispatches, Issue 2 – Pappy Van Winkle Hunting Season

Hunting Season, Autumn Leaves on a Weathered Wood Background with text Hunting Season

It's November. Three of the four BCS teams just got knocked off (and my beloved struggling BullDawgs just beat 9th ranked Auburn). What? And most importantly, Pappy Van Winkle hunting season is in full force. So let's look at where we are so far.

Here's the latest map from Bourbonr.com.


What Really Matters

So here's where we stand:

Pappy Van Winkle is in North Carolina (10/20); Wisconsin (10/21); Kentucky and Rhode Island (11/1); Tennessee (11/3); Maryland (11/4); Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, West Virginia and South Carolina (11/9); Georgia (11/11); Tennessee and Alabama (11/14).

Now in some states it has just released in certain parts so don't sweat it if it's not in your locale at the moment.

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Other News

Coolest Bourbon Product of the Week:

A craftsman who makes lamps out of Bourbon bottles just reached out and asked if I knew of anyone who had empty Pappy bottles. If you have one and want to sell and/or give it away, let me know. Much better to put them in the hands of lamp makers than counterfeit Bourbon sellers.

We've Set a Date for the Next Auction

So our Bourbon Collector is back and we will be putting Parker's Promise of Hope and Four Roses Super Premium Japan on the block Thursday, November 17, 8PM to 11PM EST. (See descriptions of each below). We will offer them together for a reserve of $699!

Parker's Heritage Collection Promise of Hope #7


Four Roses Super Premium (Very Rare from Japan) (2012)

Four Roses Super Premium Platinum Bourbon Review

Please join the fun? Go here to learn more.

And if you have found some Pappy, please let me know chris@pursuitofpappy.com. Here's a pretty cool story from one of our subscribers.

Thanks for emailing, I would join, but I started my hunt two months ago. And in that two months I was at a raffle, six bottles of PAPPY VAN WINKLE walked rite past me. 10 and 15 year three each. I ended up walking out with the 20 year. That's rite, 30 days on the hunt, holy grail in safe. Just two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a bottle of George T Stagg. What are the odds with in two months. - Mike

Well damn Mike! Beginner's luck I guess.

Enjoy the Chase,