10 Things I’d Give a Bourbon Lover for Christmas.

Ok so today a lot of folks are spending tons of money on Cyber Monday. So I thought -- what the Hell -- before you blow more hard-earned cash on useless gifts I should at least tell you WHAT I think Bourbon Lovers want for Christmas. 

Maybe no one will read this but my wife and kids, but at least I'll get what I want. 

On the other hand, if your dad, mom, brother, sister, husband, bf, gf, bff loves Bourbon this is a must checkout list. 

Also if you buy raffle PVW 20 Raffle Tickets before November ends (11:59:59 PM Pacific Time) you'll ALSO get the same number of tickets for our next drawing ORVW 10 YR on January 31 (My Bday). Your EXTRA tickets will make a GREAT Christmas Present. So if you buy 10 for this drawing you also get 10 for the next one for FREE! (You'll be emailed a coupon code for the January drawing by the end of the week.)


The 10 Gifts

Chris Brantley

Stumbled across bourbon via Walker Percy. Like to read, write and drink bourbon. Also, I enjoy living on the coast, grilling steaks, eating seafood and listening to good music. Great song on Spotify, fine bourbon in the glass, and something interesting to think about = BLISS.

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