THE LIST (so far) or Where to Find Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon (by the pour)

When I started this site months ago. I had a dream, albeit a humble one. It wasn’t to change the world, but rather to find a tasty corn elixir distilled in Kentucky. I had read an article about it, by a guy, a sportswriter dude, that was also a damned good bourbon storyteller.

I already loved bourbon but had never met Pappy, but I did and liked him. At 12, he was exceptionally good, but at 20, taste-bud blowing. Now, of course, Pappy is not a person, but a distilled bottle of sour mash that is harder to find then mermaids or gold at the end of the rainbow. But somehow, I did find it two years in a row. First the 12 year which was smooth and next the 20 year…which was…well  let’s just say I wish I had another bottle and leave it at that.

photo (23)

But alas, there were no more bottles of Pappy in the land until the next go round. Fall? November? So I’ve given up. Not on Pappy. But on finding Pappy in a bottle, at least at a liquor store in this great U.S. of A. So here is my new dream and it is a bit more humble still. I will pursue Pappy in the bars across the land or overseas. Wherever it may be found. So if your favorite watering hole has it let me know. Or, if you like Wright Thompson, the before-mentioned sportswriter dude/bourbon storyteller run across it in an airport, dive bar or gastropub, please let me know and I will add it to THE LIST.

So far I have sent a few tweets out and received a few locations. Guess where? Of course, the land of Bourbon and Basketball. And my favorite monk. Yes, I have a favorite monk. Thomas Merton who lived in a hermitage near Louisville and drank bourbon and beer and wrote some profound things until he got electrocuted by a fan in Bangkok. But anyway, back to THE LIST. If you can’t have a bottle, you should at least, have a shot, a pour, or even a double if you have a Benjamin on you.

So far THE LIST is very short:

1. The Husk - Charleston, SC

2. Bluegrass Tavern - Lexington, KY

3. Parlay Social - Lexington, KY

4. The Village Idiot - Lexington, KY

5. Henry Clay’s Pub - Lexington, KY

6. Haymarket Whiskey Bar -Louisville, KY

7. Azur Restaurant and Patio - Lexington, Ky

8. The Aviary – Chicago, IL

9. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse – Dallas, TX

10. Pour Cafe and Wine Bar – Mt. Kisco, NY

11. Whiskey – Durham, NC

12. Otto’s – Covington, KY

13. Percy Street BBQ – Philadelphia, PA

14. The Crunkleton – Chapel Hill, NC

15. Palate – Millford, MI

16. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar -Covington, KY

17. WiseGuy Lounge – Covington KY

18. Congress Street Social Club – Savannah, GA

19. Passion 8 Bistro – Fort Mill, SC

20. Seven Grand in Downtown LA –  Los Angeles, CA

Stay updated on the Pappy List.

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*Thanks to all those who sent locations. Keep them coming.


14 thoughts on “THE LIST (so far) or Where to Find Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon (by the pour)”

  1. Whiskey in Durham, NC had the 20 year the last time I was there. Broke down and had to spend the $45 for my first taste.

    1. Pappy prices at all 2oz pours


  2. I swear, I thought I saw it all when it came to Pappy Hipsters, but I found one today that refers to his Pappy bottles as “he.”

    Seriously, you are what is wrong with the industry. Julian VanWinkle, when asked about over the top whisky bloggers over hyping his product, wished for them to “get a life.” Please follow the advice.

  3. The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar and also the WiseGuy Lounge (the upstairs bar of Goodfellas, a pizza joint), both in Covington, KY, usually have at least some of the Van Winkles.

  4. Bob’s Steak & Chophouse in Plano, TX.

    Frequently enjoy the 12 there…

    They have 10, 12, and 20….they had 23, but I drank the last one and they packed up the bottle for me.

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